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Lafuente, E., Leiva, J.C.. Moreno, J., Szerb, L. (2019). A non-parametric analysis of competitiveness efficiency: The relevance of firm size and the configuration of competitive pillars. BRQ Business Research Quarterly, in press, doi:

Working Papers

Lafuente, E., Szerb, L., Rideg, A. (2016). A system dynamics approach for assessing business competitiveness. Working paper presented at the 30th RENT Conference, University of Antwerp, Belgium (November 16th-18th).

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News: Special Issue in Competitiveness Review

Prof. Esteban Lafuente and Prof. László Szerb are happy to announce (and edit) a Special Issue that will be published in Competitiveness Review

Click here for more info about the Special Issue titled "Understanding Resource-Based Competitiveness: Competencies, Business Processes and Alternative Performance Assessment"